681 Panorama Dr

681 Panorama dr | Buyer

"Tori helped us secure a home in San Francisco recently despite the crazy SF market. It was such a pleasure to work with her. She made us feel like we were the only client she had, though she was quite busy with other clients, open houses, etc. She is very organized, prompt, responsive, knowledgeable, hard working and understood our needs and wants. We literally had only couple of hours to make an offer after seeing the house. She made it happen, we got the house. She went above and beyond for us. Worked nights and weekends. We still needed to do some work before we moved in, so she helped us with getting contractors and other tradesmen to give us quotes for the minor renovation projects. If anyone is in the market for a property in SF, I highly recommend reaching out to her. She will not disappoint."

950 Harrison St #115

950 Harrison St #115 | Seller

"Our journey started with a casual inquiry into the value of our loft. After a few emails, phone calls and a brief meeting, Tori provided us with the facts that we needed to put our house on the market. Never once, did I feel like Tori was pressuring us to sell or providing us with unrealistic comps. If and when there were nearby properties that appeared to be over or under priced, Tori had the insight as to how they would sell. Ultimately, Tori did her homework to properly price our property and maximize our selling potential. Beyond her knowledge of the SOMA/South Beach market Tori was responsive at all hours, thoroughly answered our questions and addressed all concerns. This was the first home that we have sold, and honestly I had no idea it could have been this easy and seamless....guessing it was just a testament to Tori. Not only would I recommend Tori to our friends, but I have."

470 Clementina St #102

470 Clementina St #102 | Buyer

"I cannot thank Tori enough for all the help she gave me with my search and purchase of a condo in San Francisco. Her knowledge of the area and understanding of what I wanted impressed me. Upon finding a condo, opening escrow with all the paperwork (which seemed endless), she was a savior. I never would have made it through without her. She was very competent in all aspects of the transaction. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for real estate in San Francisco. It was a delight working with her."

321 Langton St #1

321 Langton St #1 | Seller

"Thank you SO much for all your excellent and thorough work. We knew we were in good hands with you, but we had no idea just how speedily and seamlessly you would deliver such an outstanding result. We are thrilled with how the transaction went and now can move on with the purchase of our home in Marin. Once again, thank you for being the superstar you are - it makes the trechery and the emotional roller coaster of real estate transactions very exciting."

200 Brannan St.jpg

200 Brannan St #115 | Buyer

"Tori helped me land my first condo, in San Francisco no less. Given the current state of the SF real estate market, that's no small feat. I needed to move quickly as I had just two months to move out of my previous place (the owner was moving back in with his family). Once she had a sense of what I wanted, she did all the upfront legwork so I just had to show up and look at places she'd screened. It didn't take long for her to hone in on the type of places I'd be interested in to save me time, but I appreciated seeing a broader set of options up front to get a sense of the overall options in the neighborhood I was targeting (SOMA/South Beach). I ultimately bought I place I bid on before it listed on MLS because Tori knew the agent representing the unit. I got in to see the place first, Tori helped me prep a bid and letter, and after my offer was accepted she walked me through all the subsequent paperwork and processes. For a first time home buyer, it was about as painless as buying a place in SF can be (in the current market, it's a bloodsport). If you're a cautious buyer, Tori is extremely patient and will stick with you. If you're ready to move decisively, she'll move as quickly as you will. Since I've moved in, I still ping Tori from time to time for follow-up advice on plumbers, repairmen, electricians, designers, etc., and she's always quick to respond with useful referrals."

140 South Van Ness Ave #1021

140 South Van Ness Ave #1021 | Seller

"Jenny and I thank you for the successful sale of our condo and to express our admiration for your competence and persistence in the face of continued complications that extended the process for more than a month. Your patience, assistance to the buyer’s side, your creative options, your advice and your calming effect on us (you kept us completely up-to-date with detailed information) were crucial to the successful outcome. We did a rather comprehensive search for the “right” agent and it was clear that your team and the support structure afforded by your association with Sotheby’s met our needs. As we discussed pricing and process there were the usual differences in ideas. These discussions were always frank and you considered our views honestly. As we got into the process and ran into the vagaries of the recent market in San Francisco we were able to adjust smoothly on the fly. We look forward to working with you again in the near future."

1 Bluxome St

1 Bluxome St #414 | Seller

"I was very satisfied and impressed with Tori's ability to get my condo sold quickly and above my expectations. She was there with me every step of the way so that the transition went smoothly. She answered any questions/concerns that I had and, more importantly, I felt she always had time for me. Tori's hard work has made it so much easier for me to go through a process that can usually be frustrating and stressful. I highly recommend her to anyone!"

586 Douglass St

586 Douglass St | Buyer

"I want to thank Tori Patton for her support and guidance during my recent purchase of a TIC in San Francisco. Tori was involved from the start of my search to the closing. The TIC process was more involved than any other real estate purchase I have ever made. Tori was available to review and explain things every step of the way and made every effort to make it as convenient as possible for me. She even connected me with legal TIC specialists when it was time to review contracts. Since closing she has offered advice and suggestions for contractors and services that I’ve needed. I would highly recommend Tori. She is terrific at what she does and is a delight to deal with."

829 Folsom St

829 Folsom St #508 | Buyer

"Tori has been a pleasure to work with, and without her involvement, I'm not sure we would have ended up buying a condo in SF. Her knowledge, diligence and responsiveness were critical throughout our search. Most importantly, she made us feel very comfortable with the process, which was invaluable for a first-time homebuyer trying to navigate a booming real estate market. We highly recommend working with Tori!"

260 King St

260 King St #635

"I was searching for a place in SF for over a year. As a first time home buyer I had a lot of questions. Tori was invaluable in getting me comfortable with the whole process. Tori is very knowledgeable and is very prompt to answer any questions I had. The entire process of purchasing my condo was straightforward and hassle free."


321 Langton St #1 | Buyer

"We want to sincerely thank Tori Patton for her tireless support and assistance during our recent purchase of a condominium in San Francisco. Tori was involved from the start of our discovery of the property to the close of Escrow and beyond. It is significant that Tori responded comprehensively and almost immediately to every communication and, when necessary, did the required research to provide details not immediately at hand. She took responsibility to make the entire purchase process transparent and comfortable, including immediately addressing our many questions and concerns. Tori has provided recommendations for contractors and services and has been extremely helpful in the process of moving into the condo. Tori, for example, has provided access to the property for us and the service providers to measure and bid on the work both before and after the close of escrow. We highly recommend Tori. She is a true professional with great knowledge of the market and is an absolute pleasure to work with. We have dealt with many property people in the past, both in the Bay Area and abroad, and we can say without reservation that Tori was amongst the very best in every respect."